Upper Crust Recruiters

Connecting the best with the best

We know how important finding the perfect chemistry is for a successful working relationship. Whether you are an employer looking for a new team member or a job-seeker looking for a career, Upper Crust Recruiters considers ourselves partners in your success. We will not rest until we find you that perfect match. So let us do what we love to do and play matchmaker, connecting the best with the best.

Why we do what we do. 

We love it. 

At Upper Crust Recruiting, we are very serious about our match making responsibilities and we have a genuine passion for it. There is nothing like the feeling of finding the right candidate for a client and we are always thrilled when we can find the perfect place for our talented candidates to call home. We are always adding to our vast database of professionals and truly consider ourselves privileged to make each and every match. 

How we do what we do

First, we listen.

Upper Crust Recruiters takes your needs seriously. We listen carefully to what you are asking for in a candidate and we make sure we understand those needs. We know that communication is key in any partnership and we take this first step carefully as we get to know you and your company. 

Then, we roll up our sleeves and get to work!

We pull only the best matches for you from our vast data base of talented professionals of the very best in the hospitality industry. We love this crazy industry and so we look for that same passion as we search for the perfect match, because we know that the right qualifications and passion combined with chemistry, is everything. 

And finally, we introduce you.

We will send over several qualified candidates for you to choose from because we know what a personal thing finding the right chemistry is. Upper Crust will only send candidates we are sure will be a good match, but if for some reason they are not a good fit after employment, we will not rest until we find you a replacement. Period. 


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