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We know how important finding the perfect chemistry is for a successful working relationship. Whether you are an employer looking for a new team member or a job-seeker looking for a career, Upper Crust Recruiters considers ourselves partners in your success. We will not rest until we find you that perfect match. So let us do what we love to do and play matchmaker, connecting the best with the best.

Do you know why the pineapple is the symbol for hospitality? 

At Upper Crust Recruiters, we know how important a genuine spirit of hospitality is to our clients and we wanted to incorporate this spirit into every aspect of our company. We think the pineapple is a perfect logo because it is the universal symbol of hospitality and we love the story behind how it came to be. 

A long time ago, seafaring captains would impale a pineapple atop the porch railing to signal that he was back in town and open to receiving visitors. Also, during Colonial times, families would set a pineapple in the middle of the table as a festive centerpiece when hosting gatherings and then share it after for dessert. Pineapples were considered a rare treat as they were costly and difficult to get until the advent of steam ships. 

The pineapple became so well known as a symbol for welcoming and hospitality that it quickly made its way onto furniture and stitched onto textiles. Often, visitors would have the honor of sleeping in a beautiful bed with pineapples carved into the posts, even if the bed belonged to the hosts. This symbol of warmth and hospitality can be seen in countless places and it makes us at Upper Crust smile every time we see it. 

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